Direct Debit

If you are unable to pay your outstanding balance in full at this time you are able to set up a suitable repayment arrangement. We advise that you contact your Customer Relationship Manager to set up a direct debit arrangement over the phone. Alternatively you can download our online Direct Debit form.
Send your form to us by: 
Mail: GPO Box 4475, Sydney, NSW, 2001 
Fax: +61 2 9347 3650

Download a Direct Debit Request Form


Westpac Bill Payments

Using Bill Payments is an easy way to pay your account over the phone or online. Please contact your financial institution for more information on how to make a payment through our Westpac Bill Payments facility. 
You must quote the correct Credit Corp 10-digit reference number as advised on the Payment Methods page printed on the backside of any recent correspondence you have received from us.


Direct Deposit

Payments can be deposited directly to Credit Corp’s bank account by visiting any Westpac Branch and quoting the following account details: 

Bank Number: 03 
Branch: 0104 
Account No: 0195105 
Suffix: 00 
Acc Name: Credit Corp Services Pty Limited 
Reference: Your individual DT Reference Number as stated on the message page of our 
correspondence addressed to you. 

*Attention: Westpac Branches (Westpac approved instruction)
Please accept this deposit. Should you require further information please refer to the Teller PC Customer Servicing Manual under Special Arrangements for NVFIs