About Us

Who we are

Credit Corp is Australia's largest provider of sustainable financial services to the credit impaired consumer segment. Most of our customers are suffering a degree of financial exclusion. We provide sustainable financial solutions with the objective of improving our customers’ circumstances as a pathway to mainstream financial inclusion. Credit Corp is a public company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX code: CCP) with an impeccable record as a sustainable and responsible provider. Credit Corp was established over 25 years ago. We have delivered and refined our approach to ensure that we deliver superior outcomes for our customers.

What we do

In our core debt purchasing business we acquire past due consumer debts from major Australian and New Zealand banks, financial services utility and telecommunication providers. We then work with our customers to recover the outstanding balance by adopting a flexible approach and offering sustainable and tailored repayment plans. Through open and transparent dialogue we agree flexible plans suited to each customer's individual situation. 

Our lending business responsibly delivers sustainable loans to consumers with limited access to credit. Our innovative loan products combine affordable repayment and market-leading fee and interest rates to promote financial inclusion. 

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Why Credit Corp

Whether your past-due debt has been assigned to Credit Corp or you have taken out a loan with one of our loan brands you can be assured that you are dealing with a sustainable and responsible provider.

Credit Corp is committed to ensuring that we deliver long-term benefits to the societies in which we operate. Our systems and controls are designed to ensure that we treat our customers fairly and responsibly, with a view to improving their financial situation. We have one of the largest and most successful consumer hardship programmes in our industry. We have an impeccable compliance and regulatory track record over many decades. Our lending models are among the lowest-priced and most responsibly delivered in our market.