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Credit Corp acquires past-due debts from major banks, finance companies, telecommunications and utility providers. If you have heard from us it is most likely because we acquired one of your outstanding debts. 

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Financial difficulty is very common. We understand that many people face financial challenges for reasons outside their control. We take an understanding approach and apply our decades of experience to work through your individual circumstances to help you get back on track. 

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Sustainable financial solutions

As well as assisting customers with debt repayment, Credit Corp offers a range of innovative loans to people who may be excluded from credit elsewhere. We are committed to providing innovative and cost effective products with affordable repayments which represent a sustainable alternative.

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About Credit Corp

Credit Corp Group Limited is Australia’s largest provider of sustainable financial services operating in the credit impaired consumer segment. In our core debt purchasing business we provide repayment solutions to consumers who, for various reasons, have found themselves in default of their credit obligations.



We agree to affordable repayment plans for our customers and work together over several years to improve their credit standing as a pathway to financial inclusion. Our lending business responsibly delivers sustainable loans to consumers with limited access to credit. Our innovative loan products combine affordable repayments and market-leading fee and interest rates to promote financial inclusion.